Pháp Hội Thù Ân III: Tâm thư kiến lập (Việt – Anh)


Bản dịch Anh ngữ:


We respectfully prostrate ourselves to:
– The Venerable Elders of the Sangha Council of the Supreme Patriarchate, the Sangha Council, the Education – Sila Council of the Vietnamese Buddhist Youth Association,
– The Most Venerable and Venerable Bhikkhu, and the Most Venerable and Venerable Bhikkhunī of the Sangha.
– Council of Dung Rank Leaders,
– Distinguished Steering Committees of the Vietnamese Buddhist Youth Association of all levels worldwide,
– Distinguished Dharma Friends, Distinguished Kind Benefactors, Distinguished Patronage Committees, Distinguished Former Leaders,
– Distinguished Families and Friends of the Honourable Deceased,
– Distinguished Unit Heads, Leaders and Members of the Vietnamese Buddhist Youth Association.

Among all the good deeds the Buddha taught his disciples, the most outstanding is filial piety. Owing a debt of gratitude and repaying gratitude are one of the many virtues that lead to the attainment of the Holy Path. With that spirit, Buddhists always think that filial piety must grow, filial piety must be fostered in accordance with the Buddha’s teachings, so as to cultivate good roots, increase good deeds to repay in part the gratitude of the Three Jewels, of our parents, of teachers and friends, and of the nation – society and all kinds of living beings.

Vietnamese Buddhist Youth Association is raised in the Dharma taught by the Buddha and must always keep it in mind in their practices, and at the same time preserve the Lam tradition with all our heart of filial piety. Today, the White Lotus flag spreads throughout the five continents, carrying with it the wish of filial piety throughout the world, all VBYA members no matter what country we are in, all are looking towards the source of traditions so as to make efforts to study and practice Buddhism to repay the four profound gratitudes.

Continuing the achievements of the Dharma Assembly of Gratitude I in 2014, the second time in 2018, the entire Boards of Directors of VBYA at all levels along with the leaders and members of VBYA around the world sincerely vow to organize the Dharma Assembly of Gratitude III, dedicating all virtues to repaying the gratitudes and to pray for all peace of happiness of sentient beings. The assembly is organized so as

  • to make a vow to commemorate the Merit of Ancestors, Meritorious Ancestors, and Vietnamese Buddhist Martyr Saints.
  • to commemorate the anniversary of all the deceased: Respected Masters, Founders, Sponsors, and Heads, Leaders, and all the late members of VBYA around the World.
  • to release the Injustice and Unjust Deaths, to Preach the Dharma for Saving the Deceased.
  • to establish the Great Precepts Altar with the title of DUC CHON for those who vow to receive the Ten Virtuous Precepts, and Bodhisattva Precepts at home.
  • to organize monks’ offering ceremony, to release Beings and Lights,
  • to organize Prayer Services for the Lonely Soul.

The assembly will be held over three days: on the 12th,13th and 14th of January 2024 (on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th of December in the year of the Cat, Lunar calendar) at Phat An pagoda, Long Duc commune, Long Thanh district, Dong Nai province, Vietnam.

Dear respected sangha,
Dear VBYA members,
Ladies and gentlemen,

With all sincere hearts towards the accomplishment of the Dharma Assembly, all VBYA members in the world:

  • Sincerely worship the Three Jewels of the ten directions, the Great Patriarchs through history, and the Sacred Souls in rivers and mountains, Martyr Saints, Masters, Founders, Sponsors, VBYA Heads, Brothers, and Members of the VBYA in the World to bless our Buddha’s sacred work to come true as desired.
  • Respectfully pray towards the pure lands of great sangha at home and abroad to request Venerable Monks and Nuns to wholeheartedly pray for the success of our current Dharma Assembly and for the benefits of the dharma realm and all sentient beings.
  • Would respectfully like to invite good knowledge friends, benefactors, and boards of sponsors, former leaders, former members, relatives of deceased leaders and members of VBYA to come and attend the Dharma Assembly, focusing our minds on the spirit of “When drinking water, remember its source”, together practicing deeds of filial piety and gratitude by taking the Ten Virtuous Precepts, and Bodhisattva Precepts at Home, reciting sutras and making offerings.
  • Respectfully consider the current Dharma Assembly as a filial act of expressing gratitude from all Vietnamese Buddhists in the whole world to the Four Important Gratitudes, a golden opportunity for each of VBYA members to be blessed with Bodhisattva mind, to practice good deeds, to cultivate filial piety, and to have a deep relationship with the dharma. The Steering Committee of VBYA World-Wide respectfully recommends as follows:
  1. The affiliated units inform the spirit of the Dharma Assembly to the entire VBYA members, encourage each other to work towards the spirit of gratitude, and arrange personal time for attending the services, taking the precepts, and making offerings to the Dharma Assembly.
  2. Commence a special prayer service among all Units on the two Sundays of the 7th and 14th of January, 2024. The service should be performed in conjunction with the regular pray ceremony, and please incorporate the following spiritual content: Together with one heart, we all commenmorate and say our prayers to the Honoured Martyrs of Vietnamese Buddhism who gave the ultimate sacrifice and performed self-immolation; our Honourable Dharma Masters; the Founders of the VBYA; Patrons, Unit Heads, Leaders and Members of the VBYA world-wide who have deceased. We sincerely say our prayers to the dead soldiers in battles, to those who passed away in accidents and calamities, to the Ten Kinds of Lonely Souls. We pray for all of them to gain rebirth to Land of the Buddhas. We also pray that all nations have peace and prosperity, all people are happy and safe, the world, the universe and all sentient beings are at peace.
  3. While the assembly is being held, Steering Committees in all continents, nations world-wide should hold a PRAYER SERVICE at their locality, under the spiritual witness of the Sangha and prayer participation of friends and members.
  4. All members are encouraged during the event, from the 7th to 14th of January, 2024 to devote one week topracticing pure vegetarianism, so as to dedicate all merits from the activity to the spiritual benefit of the deceased and the living.

Dear VBYA members, ladies and gentlemen,

With the wish to contribute merit to the Dharma Assembly and to make a good relationship with the Three Jewels, the Steering Committee of Vietnamese Buddhist Youth Association World-Wide sincerely rejoices and respectfully accepts the support for the success of The Dharma Assembly by all of you who are interested in the event, by VBYA members, through your presence and real activities at the assembly, through your contributing money and other kinds of offerings to the Dharma Assembly and the Three Jewels.

(Please kindly contact the Organising Committee of the assembly to inform your offering in detail: offering items, foods, four offerings to monks, means of transportation, drinking water, five days prior to the event, so that the necessary arrangements can be made).

To get information about the Dharma Assembly and inform about offerings, please contact
Leader Minh Trung – Dang Vien Ngoc Trai, via phone: 0902 441 882, email:
Please transfer money to
Leader Duc Trang – Nguyen Thi Binh Nguyen, via account: 19023181840014, Techcombank.

In a sincere effort to conserve and promote the traditions of the VBYA by the spirit of gratitude, we would like to send this spiritual letter to all current units of VBYA world-wide, so as to share the significance of the assembly for our better understanding of its noble spiritual values. In turn, it is hoped that we all together will contribute in various ways to the success of the event, by attending the services, making offerings, and sending lists of the deceased in your units to the Organising Committee for prayer services, ensuring that the assembly and planned ceremonies will be held properlyfor the benefit of all.

All the members of VBYA world-wide would like to bow to the Three Jewels for protection and support, the present esteemed Sangha for devoting their compassion and spiritual power to the success of the Dharma Assembly of Gratitude III. We would like to share our vow of gratitude to all of you and VBYA members world-wide so as to practice the holy vow of “Honouring the Four Gratitudes”.

We respectfully prostrate ourselves to wish the Sangha peace of mind and body for the benefit of sentient beings.We would also like to wish all of you and VBYA members world-wide all the happiness every day and your wishes fulfilled.

Namo Merit and Virtue Bodhisattva, Mahasattva.

Buddhist Year 2567, Vietnam December 12, 2023
Acting President of the Steering Committee of
(Signed and sealed)

A printed copy sent to:
– Manager of Youth Affairs of VUBC
– Standing Committee of the Education – Sila Council of VBYA
“Respecfully for information”

– Council of Dung Rank Leaders
“Respecfully for submission”
– Central Steering Committee of VBYA in Vietnam
– Steering Committee of VBYA overseas
“For distribution and implementation”
Archived records.

(Translated into English by Nguyên Dung)


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